The Burbs

from by LNC *Generik & Aneken*



Prod. by Audible Junkie


Do you remember wannabe gangstas and their vendettas?
Let us, discuss this suburban offender’s purpose…
Nervous about the length of his pubescent member
Tell us why you wishes to be a menace Dennis?
“Heard Easy E Boyz In the Hood now you actin felon
Up to no good, B B gun shootin up with them pellets
Your whole life pleasant, never was a peasant,
Confess it you’re stressin a lifestyle you have never messed with.

Look at the little tyke, mini as kilobyte
Killing a pillow fight, fiddling Fisher Price
Short as a millipede, trips off a little weed
Straight from the Philippines, clean cut like guillotine
It’s the American dream, we live in Pleasantville
Technology will keep me forever ill
Safe under mommy's roof but ya'll never heard of me
Afraid of the world, suburban insecurity

You can flaunt it, Malibu’s most wanted…
Being honest, I think you should go to college,
Is this Compton Carlton?... you acting hard again,
Good boy, Hood toy, got me annoyed.
Middle class, drinkin a Pabst thinking he’s bad?
Really man… that Cadillac really your dad’s.
Bumping 90’s gangsta rap but it got you frontin’
Leave that act to those who get gatz to clap in public

Gangster to hipster, pussyfoot to pillow pants
Religious children high off that ignorance
Concentrated digital stimuli, my brain is fried
Oversaturated mall fast food till I die
Military gridlock, paranoia phobia
Harvested sheep, media controlling you
Suburban earning is disturbing no doubt
The outcome of our income is our incomes all run out


from ARTiFACTS, released June 15, 2014



all rights reserved


LNC *Generik & Aneken* San Diego, California

Generik & Aneken are Left In Company (LNC)
MC's. Beatboxers. Producers. Performers. Misfit Mestizos. They are free thinking futurists who value creative integrity, quality and deep outer/ inner exploration .

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