Cut The Fat

from by LNC *Generik & Aneken*



Prod. by Generik
Additional production by Anek


Gotta cut the fat!!

Only dorks want to be rappers
Only clowns get all the laughter
The impatient want to skip chapters
praise satan and get there faster
only the selfish want all the cream
got to work hard if you want to live your dream
don’t want to do all the work to get to the top?
Your excess fat, you’re about to get chopped!
I don’t need that, I don’t feel that,
I don’t want your negative energy
You make me feel like I need to crap real bad
I think I just flushed another enemy
You’re a cancer, Im a white blood cell
Capture you inside of hell
With a rhyme designed to eliminate the whack
Cause’ aint nobody got time for that!

When they hold you back…CUT THE FAT
When they hate like that…CUT THE FAT
When they kill your mood…CUT THE FAT
Get back your groove and …CUT THE FAT

Reinvigorate it…CUT THE FAT
And you can shape it…CUT THE FAT
Get that lard outta my yard
Burn that fat inna fat red star

Watch it burn, the flames will churn
As they yearn to …CUT THE FAT
The heat of the universe is on that search to

You wanna be a star? Then don’t rap
You wanna be hard? Drop the act

Too many lyrics, not enough meaning,
So much spirit, but your just dreaming,

Time for action no more scheming
You were my friend so …CUT THE CRAP
Lies that never end so I…CUT THE FAT
Behind my back I’ve had enough of that.


from ARTiFACTS, released June 15, 2014



all rights reserved


LNC *Generik & Aneken* San Diego, California

Generik & Aneken are Left In Company (LNC)
MC's. Beatboxers. Producers. Performers. Misfit Mestizos. They are free thinking futurists who value creative integrity, quality and deep outer/ inner exploration .

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