Arnold Schwarzenegger

from by LNC *Generik & Aneken*



Prod by. Generik


Arnold Schwarzenegger bout to perform an abortion later,
Drinking Tequila with the right Proportion of Jager (x2)

He eats rutabaga, good for food absorption later,
After drinkin’ a margarita with a petite looking waiter
Hiding armor under the blazer, doesn’t seem to faze her,
As long as Arnold Does the flexy faces he will tame her

Herculean New Yorker, His suits must be tailored,
He will keep the order keep dames from any danger.
Its part of his nature, robotic messiah savior
After he saves ya, he does a victory dance raver!

Arnold Schwarzenegger would look a lil better with make up
Transvestite terminator, shake his tits, sperm ya later
Robot sex percolator, master baby maker, massive oscillator,
Masturbate with an awesome costume much later

Gimme your clothes and your shotgun, Terminator.
Gimme your vote under the hot sun, Governator.
Californicatin, Holly-would your local neighbor
explore the layer full of whores and unfortunate players?
In a game extorted for the foreign labor
Contorted and proportioned by a ghostly coordinator.
Jonaire enforced the slayer w/ the sort of force of nature
so horrible, your quotable’s will resort to prayer.
Jon Connor vendetta, pitch for and laser.
We’re going to war over the score with the sort of anger
torn from a poor design to reform the danger
Reborn from the norm, LNC the source of flavor.


from ARTiFACTS, released June 15, 2014



all rights reserved


LNC *Generik & Aneken* San Diego, California

Generik & Aneken are Left In Company (LNC)
MC's. Beatboxers. Producers. Performers. Misfit Mestizos. They are free thinking futurists who value creative integrity, quality and deep outer/ inner exploration .

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