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ADA original thoughts, unique perspective, fresh beats! Favorite track: Gypsea.


San Diego Music Awards (SDMA) nominated for "Best Hip Hop Album" 2015

“ARTiFACTS "extra special good" review "The first true album since 2009 for veteran hip-hop duo Generik and Aneken is filled to the brim with eclectic samples, buzzy bass and all manner of squiggles, sproings and whirs. At the center of this vibrant sonic swirl are to MCs who are not only lyrically thoughtful, but also skilled at using their voices in melodic, interesting and unconventional ways. "Arnold Schwarzenegger" is a representative cut; it sounds like Kool Keith and circa-2000 Eminem riding a homemade rocket through a nitrous cloud. As hip-hop's aesthetic stretches at warp speed thanks to weirdoes like Young Thug and Rae Sremmurd, it's easy to see a path to a break-through for Left in Company.”

— Ben Salmon, San Diego CityBeat

Our first proper album since 2009. An ouroboro that starts from the end and ends where it begins. This selection of Art i Facts have been rediscovered and refurbished from the caves of the LNC blacksheep.

"Left In Company is Generik & Aneken out of San Diego, CA. These guys have been putting in work together on stage and in the studio since 2006. Their new album ARTiFACTS is fun and quirky, whimsical and at times inspiring. Music for both the casual and heavy listener. Enjoy the subtle sonic details in headphones or blast the high energy out of your preferred speakers. This 30 minute joy ride is just right for appreciators of honest creativity. Your not gonna find these guys bragging about things they don't own, or how many "hoes" they've bagged. Taking hip hop back to its origin of originality and fun flavor. Old school in value and new school in composition. Whatever field these "black sheeps" get their grass from..I NEED TO KNOW..." - Theodore K. Dorchester


released June 15, 2014

All songs written by Left In Company (Generik & Aneken)
Herbs features DJ ADA
Zombie features Kaus
additional vocals by PauPau, Jessica Johnson & JonJon

All songs produced by Generik (11:11/ASCAP)
Except for
Herbs beat. by Venture Capitalist (Executive Groove)
The Burbs prod. by Audible Junkie
Cosmic Canvas prod. by Aneken (askwhy/ASCAP)

additional production on all songs by Left In Company

Cover photo by Jessica Johnson (
Mastered by DJ Artistry



all rights reserved


LNC *Generik & Aneken* San Diego, California

Generik & Aneken are Left In Company (LNC)
MC's. Beatboxers. Producers. Performers. Misfit Mestizos. They are free thinking futurists who value creative integrity, quality and deep outer/ inner exploration .

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Track Name: Herbs ft. DJ ADA

My days go from passive as flux, to passionate as flux
Black magnum for your 8-inch hockey puck for maximum nuts
Future, delorean, capacitor flux!
Sometimes I don’t wanna talk to I hide
Sometimes I don’t wanna walk to glyde
One time I let a bitch kill my pride
Let me take you on a trip on my natural high
They call it cancer, she calls them moles
I call them constellations from the soul
Generik dubbed Jonaire by Dr.Greene
The one and only clae steezy
Making hard look easy
Tracks make you wanna put them on replay
Making ladies wanna do whatever we say
Thick and juicky like a muthafarkin cheesecake
You see haters, we see motivators
Im an alligator about to bite these carps
Hella fakers, im an innovator
You’re an ankle, im a great white shark
Whats the word? Haven’t you heard?
Lookin cool as the worlds biggest herb
Word, loser in gear, cruising in fear
Hear hear to the douche of the year!


I’mma ancient assailant, waiting for my patience
To kick in, till then I'm wishing
That I could heal stitches, I will reveal vicious
Winding rhyme schemes, I'm finding
In dreams forward is rewinding
Push play, who say?, what date? whats today?
No time, what date? fuck fate, don't wait...
For the world to give you a hand,
Make what you can and let it Expand
Destiny, my enemy ,my energy
Gets distorted by my enemies
When it enters me, hate that intervenes
Its like a parasite, that can kill my dreams
Where would I be? The possibility?
These abilities without any Pottery?
Track Name: Portals
LNC we’re way ahead of our time
We got over everything before it hit prime
Before you caught on we were over it
Im getting high on a sober tip

Lnc Fibbanachi design,
Midas touch, Golden ratio, we taking our time
Know your destiny, before your told of it
Hands like this cuz were molding it

We’re shaping it, re-creating it
writing it, constantly inspiring it
You are now part of the history
If your listening, witness the mystery

We’re taking it, never faking it,
Feel what we are, it feel like an alien,
The light of the stars, thru a homo sapien,
We will embark, are you saving it?
This is art and you are craving it

You’re a wall in the dark and our light is Breaking IT
Carved in the hearts and minds of aimless kids
Written in the caves and ancient scripts
Rediscovered by the poets who came to spit

I’m carbon dating it, seeing Pleiadian
Drive me crazy in my cranium
Starvin’ hatin’ carbon datin’
Workin’late and penetration…

Straight to the core of your pineal
Opening the doors of your vibrant soul
Enlightenment through a hyper-glow
But none of this ever goes viral though

You should pray(prey) inside of a tigers dome
If you’re a black sheep you should live alone
Or you could stay a sheep or be a wolf
Round up the sheep and start a cult

Lead them to the palace and start a revolt
Break their skulls and take a vote
Who is a gypsea? Who is a ghost?
Utilize magic, vanish in smoke

Reappear with a beard on a steer that’s feared
In the future taste what I hear its weird
Music like cinamin the sound of a vitamin
Taste my environment, spice in a fire pit,

LNC misfits from the future
Coming back to the past to choose you
Come with us through all portals
Take you anywhere, we’re not normal

Your not normal, don’t be normal
Track Name: The Burbs
Do you remember wannabe gangstas and their vendettas?
Let us, discuss this suburban offender’s purpose…
Nervous about the length of his pubescent member
Tell us why you wishes to be a menace Dennis?
“Heard Easy E Boyz In the Hood now you actin felon
Up to no good, B B gun shootin up with them pellets
Your whole life pleasant, never was a peasant,
Confess it you’re stressin a lifestyle you have never messed with.

Look at the little tyke, mini as kilobyte
Killing a pillow fight, fiddling Fisher Price
Short as a millipede, trips off a little weed
Straight from the Philippines, clean cut like guillotine
It’s the American dream, we live in Pleasantville
Technology will keep me forever ill
Safe under mommy's roof but ya'll never heard of me
Afraid of the world, suburban insecurity

You can flaunt it, Malibu’s most wanted…
Being honest, I think you should go to college,
Is this Compton Carlton?... you acting hard again,
Good boy, Hood toy, got me annoyed.
Middle class, drinkin a Pabst thinking he’s bad?
Really man… that Cadillac really your dad’s.
Bumping 90’s gangsta rap but it got you frontin’
Leave that act to those who get gatz to clap in public

Gangster to hipster, pussyfoot to pillow pants
Religious children high off that ignorance
Concentrated digital stimuli, my brain is fried
Oversaturated mall fast food till I die
Military gridlock, paranoia phobia
Harvested sheep, media controlling you
Suburban earning is disturbing no doubt
The outcome of our income is our incomes all run out
Track Name: The Bugs
Imma beatle, I make music for people,
I make them feel fetal, or maybe Imma weedle
Waiting on my sequel, when I’m a big bee-drill,
Hold on pokemon aren’t even tho (HA HA HA )

Maybe Imma snail, maybe cuz I’m slow
Maybe I’m frail, so I can’t hold
Up my shell, hell then I’m a slug
I’m slimy that’s the life of a bug

Are you asking why? I wanna dragonfly
I wanna feel more ancient, I wanna feel more wise
I wanna be the wasp I wanna be the boss
A honeycomb for a home when I’m feeling lost

I could be a busy bee daffadilla-Killa
Or a caterpillar whatever has more feelers
In the world of BUGS we’re nothing but dust
So I’m stayin here, chillin on the Earth’s crust, I be singing

It’s the Bugs! And the Insects!
It’s the Bugs! And the Insects!
It’s the Bugs! I’m an insect building an Empire

Imma bumble-bee humbly buzzin above chubby
swarm w/ my clan hustlin honey for money
Caution, look at my yellow and black stripes
if you aint nice ill stab you, allergic? I'll end your life

I'm a lady bug, doing crazy drugs
if your lucky enough ill polka-dot upon your baby love
Imma grass hopper w/ a mustache proper
hit a stage, entertain, the main show stopper

a roly poly, your only homie
when your at your lowest lonely I make you okey dokey
my butterfly sunshine to my thunder skies
wonder why you flutter by i st-st-stutter "hi"

w-w-worm filled w/ germs
when will you learn the fish hook hurts? watch me squirm
I'm a flea, biting your pet, over n' over
an insect part of the hole, controlling your under world
Track Name: Gypsea
Reborn identity, say it, let it be
One day, heavenly, live hard, remember me
After, eternity, i'll be, in your dream
i'll take, you with me, i'll lead, certainty

is the name of the game, i'll never fade away
Or be the same, we will change, and soon be replaced
Become the slave, you going for first place?
The new wave a fad, artificial taste?

Sex is my love drug, Money is for young thugs
i love this, what i love, i know its enough
Fame is a lame game, do you really wanna play?
What if that lie becomes your permanent face?

I'm amazing yet, i face regret and sweat,
I'm like everyone else waking up to debt
If more is less, then i got no depth
If less is more, then yes I never stress

Lets say I've been saved in the most correct way
I fled away from the airwaves of the mindless sex craze
popped it into the tape deck and fell in love when I pressed play
Stimulated angel halo and let it sway
reflecting my best days, in my brain, engraved
lost then regained my wings living games of chess play
lets pray that we make it to the next day
the best say, "always gotta bow to your Sensei-tion"
temptation on the come and go
LNC best kept secret that you wanna know
probably the cure to the chemical additives
exclusive like a center fold
telephone line hacked, satellite got your soul and mind hijacked
LNC be the remedy, heavenly vibrations d-d-dance to the melody
resonating w/ your DNA, haters jealous cause they never seen us play
with the words and the rhythms and the energies
love is how we destroy our enemies
eternal empathy is what we've got for the world
aye bro, pay attention to your girl
I know what you doing and I know your slippin
social network got your girl friend trippin?
pour your heart out and your boy won't listen?
relationship feel like who were you and I kiddin?
you are where you are cause you blew the right wish
gotta conquer the world like a do or die miss/ion
Track Name: Zombie ft. Kaus
Its Holloween, I swallow your bottle dreams
And vomit em’ out/ your brain-dead like a hollow machine
Follow my lead pumpkin, humping your muffin
All huffin and puffin like a strugglin munchin thuggin
Chugging LNC liquor 170 proof
Get you higher than heavens roof
Slaughter a Nazi zombie rockin Abercrombie
Illuminati on the other end of my walkie-talkie
I’ve been taken to the underwater cities
Let you in on all of the nitty gritty
A hidden army of trained gorillas and drones
Mindless clones, demilitarized zones, you think you’re alone?
You’re not paranoid; you did hear that click in your telephone
Or maybe a Polaroid snapshot
demonic claws in the cash pot
Satan is a priest and God is a crackpot in disguise

Are you a Zombie? I hope I'm not a Zombie
Work a 9 to 5 sleep walk looking groggy
Are you a Zombie? I hope I'm not a Zombie
Can't feel my pulse but its not Rick's Fault.

"I am legend", "Are you afraid of the dark?"
I won’t let them poison the love in your heart
Dream with me, "Nightmare on elm Street",
"28 days later", flesh is sweet meat,
Don’t let Scully find me, Mulder’s behind me,
Imma " X-file", mouth in a “Oh wow!”
Permanently, yes burn with me?
Had to ask, common zombie, toe curling courtesy,
"Tales of the Crypt", tonight take flight,
Kill off your weakness, kill off your fight,
Is that a demon or kite? Dreaming or real life?
Taste that blood, blood as cold as Ice
Unsolve the mystery, Company love Misery
I go beyond what I can do to you physically
Exhaust possibilities, Zombie?…This what dinner be
Raw human flesh, without care if she feeling me.

Are you a Zombie? I hope I'm not a Zombie
Work a 9 to 5 sleep walk looking groggy
Are you a Zombie? I hope I'm not a Zombie
Can't feel my pulse but its not Rick's

Chest throbbing and soon to be flesh rotting
I've gotten a little paranoid lately because we're not in
a movie or any video game it's kinna strange
I've noticed it since a toddler, model inside my brain
they hollow in every vein, numb misery, love and pain
they hunt with their instincts, unconcious of what they gain
they want you and every aim's to keep you inside a lane
the game that we all play is particularly insane
we claim to not participate, but stick our parts
each of us playing roles, we lose a brain or a heart
losing flesh by the minute and even say that it's art
we some prey, just some fishes and we contained with a shark
that's attracted to blood, and tracks movement and light
creative minds of muthafukkas that are losing they sight
knows right when to strike, and not ever afraid to bite
we fight these dead people, retaliate with the mic
Track Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger bout to perform an abortion later,
Drinking Tequila with the right Proportion of Jager (x2)

He eats rutabaga, good for food absorption later,
After drinkin’ a margarita with a petite looking waiter
Hiding armor under the blazer, doesn’t seem to faze her,
As long as Arnold Does the flexy faces he will tame her

Herculean New Yorker, His suits must be tailored,
He will keep the order keep dames from any danger.
Its part of his nature, robotic messiah savior
After he saves ya, he does a victory dance raver!

Arnold Schwarzenegger would look a lil better with make up
Transvestite terminator, shake his tits, sperm ya later
Robot sex percolator, master baby maker, massive oscillator,
Masturbate with an awesome costume much later

Gimme your clothes and your shotgun, Terminator.
Gimme your vote under the hot sun, Governator.
Californicatin, Holly-would your local neighbor
explore the layer full of whores and unfortunate players?
In a game extorted for the foreign labor
Contorted and proportioned by a ghostly coordinator.
Jonaire enforced the slayer w/ the sort of force of nature
so horrible, your quotable’s will resort to prayer.
Jon Connor vendetta, pitch for and laser.
We’re going to war over the score with the sort of anger
torn from a poor design to reform the danger
Reborn from the norm, LNC the source of flavor.
Track Name: AB.Original
I don’t know what keeps me going, im potent, im like a modem,
Processing information, I keep it deeply in focus,
I know the datas bogus, I hold the world on my shoulders,
The scientist is the coldest, that’s why I’m in love with poets.
They beautiful & don’t know it, so they rarely even show it,
Appearances are so bogus; can you believe some don’t know this?
They fight as if they’re soldiers but their fights is just for posers
Know your deeper motives and don’t ignore all the omens

I was told by an oracle my words would be quotable
My rhetorical historical, my vocal chords explorable
Adorably affordable, anti-socially notable
A ghost float emotional, a joke below horrible
A broken bowl smokable, soak a whole ocean full
with notes I wrote alone ago,
a bloke who stole a portable soul with no totem pole
coke with no overdose, choke a moaning goat with those
open-nosed Poconos, polka Rome motorhome
Cocoa-dome adobe home, mocha foam Cocomo
Yoko Ono over though.
Track Name: Cosmic Canvas
How do i get outta this jam?
if i knew how to work this hand
I could avoid this scam,
find my way to the Promised Land
Dig feet real deep, into the sand,
don’t gotta compete to understand
I want to be free from all command,
I want to become a better man
Wanna fly high, peter pan,
don’t wanna die to make a hundred grand
I’m innocent not Azkaban,
don’t gotta be a kid to find never land
a smart man told me to grow up,
a wise man told me to stay young
if you want to change the world then show love
so many choices, make one
find your happiness within the madness, it’s not calculus to imagine
your a piece of galactic canvas, above average, fantastic

Paint on my canvas, faint like a phantom
Artists, people who imagine,
The farthest, thoughts like phantoms
Manipulate time, I don’t know what happened
What came first? What came first?
The visuals? Or the words in this verse?
Descriptive, Vivid how I live it,
Canvas, share it with kindred…
Spirits hear it, I’m peerless
To beat the game you must be fearless,
They made a game about appearance,
Look at me now not so serious
Laughin out loud, talking like a skeptic,
Walking like a cynic, writing all my visions
Typing all my issues, painting thru these words
For sure it does occur to me its all a blur
Track Name: Cut The Fat
Gotta cut the fat!!

Only dorks want to be rappers
Only clowns get all the laughter
The impatient want to skip chapters
praise satan and get there faster
only the selfish want all the cream
got to work hard if you want to live your dream
don’t want to do all the work to get to the top?
Your excess fat, you’re about to get chopped!
I don’t need that, I don’t feel that,
I don’t want your negative energy
You make me feel like I need to crap real bad
I think I just flushed another enemy
You’re a cancer, Im a white blood cell
Capture you inside of hell
With a rhyme designed to eliminate the whack
Cause’ aint nobody got time for that!

When they hold you back…CUT THE FAT
When they hate like that…CUT THE FAT
When they kill your mood…CUT THE FAT
Get back your groove and …CUT THE FAT

Reinvigorate it…CUT THE FAT
And you can shape it…CUT THE FAT
Get that lard outta my yard
Burn that fat inna fat red star

Watch it burn, the flames will churn
As they yearn to …CUT THE FAT
The heat of the universe is on that search to

You wanna be a star? Then don’t rap
You wanna be hard? Drop the act

Too many lyrics, not enough meaning,
So much spirit, but your just dreaming,

Time for action no more scheming
You were my friend so …CUT THE CRAP
Lies that never end so I…CUT THE FAT
Behind my back I’ve had enough of that.