7 Years Ago, Now

by LNC & D8TA$0UL



This project was created by LNC 7 years ago.
Lost and forgotten through time.
Rediscovered and reverse engineered at the demand of D8TA$0UL.
The only information we have on D8TA$0UL:
A race of machines with souls from our distant future.
D8TA$0UL discovered LNC and demanded the project to be finished.
D8TA$0UL insisted & assisted LNC in the final stages for reason which remain classified.

This wasn't made to please the hip hop "traditionalist"
This is an art piece using the digital landscape as our medium.
We make what we want.


released February 28, 2015

Written & Recorded 7 years ago at TheCore by Aneken
All original music from 2008 by Generik
Rediscovered, reverse engineered by Generik in 2015
Additional production guidance by D8TA$0UL
Artwork & Story by Left In Company (LNC)



all rights reserved


LNC *Generik & Aneken* San Diego, California

Generik & Aneken are Left In Company (LNC)
MC's. Beatboxers. Producers. Performers. Misfit Mestizos. They are free thinking futurists who value creative integrity, quality and deep outer/ inner exploration .

for booking or other inquiries leftincompany@gmail.com
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Track Name: Incoming Transmission
From LNC galaxy of space funk
this message is for any sentient beings of hip hop
we are sending this message out
on January 1st 2007 earth years
It includes vocalizations along with rhythmic patterns
Strung together with electronic melodic vibations.
We ask of you to complete the cycle
Speak where no one speaks
Fill the void that is the space between us….
Track Name: Dark Lights
Burn the house down
Burn the mansions
Burn the house down
Burn the mansions
I fallen to a point that I see no light
I,I,I Fallen to a point that I see no light

If shadows got shadows, then light got light
Yin and Yang, existence is dimly bright
I'm empty and full, at the same time I dine
I'm not dead or alive, I'm alive and dead

Love and fear, theres no love and hate here
things are defined by the opposite
thats the only way to define our logic
wet, dry, sad, mad, cry...

A truth is lie thats grounded in the sky
Hell is a heaven made for some type of guys
and heaven is a hell if you don't like to fly
My vision is cloudy, never been so clear

I'm glad your there, but I'm glad your here
Good looking person could hold such vermin
a hermit whose ugly could be so lovely
theres a way to stab me while you hug me

Burn the house down
Burn the mansions
Burn the house down
Burn the mansions
I fallen to a point that I see no light
I,I,I Fallen to a point that I see no light
Track Name: Think Push
Think, Push
Think, Push
Think, Push
Make your thoughts Real

Think, Push
Think, Push
Think, Push
Make your thoughts Real

Losing religion
Lost in the rhythm
Losing religion
Lost in the rhythm
Losing my religion
Lost in the rhythm
Losing religion
Lost in the rhythm
Losing religion
Lost in the rhythm
Losing religion
Lost in the rhythm

I have lost my ability to distinguish what is real, real
…. distinguish what is real

They want a clean slate
Take the brain wash
They live a dream state
I know that they lost, lost
They want a lean shape
Invented weight loss, loss
You an enemy of the state
They want you shot, shot

Shoot, shoot the enemy
Drawing lines to create enemies
Shoot, shoot the enemy
Drawing lines to create enemies
Shoot, shoot the enemy
Drawing lines to create enemies

They want a clean slate ( 8 times)

Track Name: Mountain Pass
Everyone who wanna grow,
Everyone should slow down
Out the fast lane now, Hey now
Hey child, no need to drive so fast, so wild,
So I’ll suggest pulling over on the shoulder,
It get colder on the mountains thought I told ya,
To bring a sweater, it get better in this weather,
Where you going? Does mom know your out here?
Was it snowing where your from? I doubt that your,
Ready for whats after this road pass the mountains
Grass is greener, but the people are even meaner,

Everyone who wanna grow,
Everyone should slow down ( x 4)
Track Name: You Can Sing Along
You can sing along
Bursting nursing rehearsing
The wounds that will reimburse me
I’m cursing searching unearthing
Perfection, introverted reflection
Think about it, whose the best
Choose wisely, nike
Check the mic, nike, check it nightly
Keep it clean, keep it shiny,
Unscratched fresh off the rack
Best of the batch, out of the shell
Ready to hatch, ready to smell,
Nostril, Nostradamus
Sniff the twin towers before they fallen
To beezy to mix my pollen,
To beezy to make me swollen

This is my song, this is my song
You can jump on, if you sing along
Track Name: Mic Excalibur
I grab my Mic Excalibur and walk outside
Anek of LNC OWW sage emcees with pride
SD’s finest fertile rhymers, we stay psychic
Leave my tentacles alone, the rhythm in my bones

Love my vision when its stoned, drive outside the orange cones
Steering mentals like errrrr doing it gentle
Like limonsine driving rhymes clean and thriving
Six sixteen freestyle, supreme, I mean

I aint no king, but I got a thing for chicken wings
(but now I’m not?) vegetarian, loving aquarians
The chicka dess, lebanese, lesbians think more free
More of me? That’d be very convenient see

Pack experiences, one life to imagine eternity
Certainly, imma be an emcee permanently
Cut the scales of my dragon skin, feel the fire within
Gotta kill me old before I ever think retirement

Before I ever think retirement
You gotta kill me old before I ever think retirement

I grab my mic excalibur and walk outside….why?
To show love to all the emcees who love to lie….I
Will express my distress…Fine
My Genevie my hip hop is, you love her like a mistress (times 2)
Track Name: Mind Gutter
mind guttA, stutter one eye blink shutter
cut a view point to panoramic expansion
handle depression, phantoms passing wind impressions
leaf sensed it, tree knowledge, me demolish

Activate “I care” facial my expression spatial
Space stars spray mace keep eyes closed no face
Boxed off subconscious with caution tape
My shock honest realization of auctioned Fate

Line ‘em up, brand Nature, reality made beastly
Open sesame I joke incessantly
Black humour earth tumour the monkey mutants
Affliction: HUMAN! We foolish completely clueless

Get your face pumped with hollow lead based chunks
Eyes sunkin right head first, I’M DROWNIN
Dead demographic reduction in population
I’m sounding off to the cloud soft position
Mistake supernova for God make love and kissy

Track Name: 7 Years Ago, Now ft. D8TA$0UL
The bump without the grind is rap without the rhyme
The funk without the smell is life without the cells
I need you to groove with me
I need you to prove to me

You are somebody unique and lovely
Go out but you still left in company
I need you to lose your mind
I need you to get outta line


who am i, have i been here before?
how did you open up that dimensional door?
how did you know i was even here anymore?
this line of communication will be explored

its de ja vu, the sounds that comes thru
sound like me sounding like you
resembling a vibration I once had
more like a premotion of a pen and pad

hip hop must be galatical at this point,
i reached thru a dimension a passing of a joint
a high allowed me to reflect as a boy
who looked like me but was not quite me

i guess the barriers have weakened over time
alien's can now be carriers of the rhyme
time is a distorted line with no confines
human time is simplified by design

or so i've been told, by the voice of unknown
origins that seems to know my skin
who feels my experience but not what i've been
thru, "can you hear me"…who?

i remember the future from an ancient past
sleepin on the floor of the planets core
im a poor robot w/ a soul in a hourglass
travelled to the future through a black hole
intercepted an audio transmission
noise emmanating from earth
a radio frequency heard
translated into data
this is our response
we've added our flavor
you call it hip hop
this is our version
our interpretation
of the earth signal
we've intercepted
we call it hip hop
we're mere amatures
now we're connected
you have collected our time capsule.
created in the past
freestyle no manual
completely natural computer conscious
alien tribal bionic processs
you are now feeling the effects of swallowing
a capsule of time
painted, designed,
givin life in the past
from the depths and complexities
of a poor alien computers mind